Fayetteville Mountain Bike Trail Map

Fayetteville Mountain Bike Trails

Gregory Park: 1.5 miles. The outer loop Morning Light offers easy uphill/return trail access to the two downhill jump lines. Rolling Thunder is easily rolled by beginners while still offering air time for others. Tailwind is an intermediate downhill line including larger tabletops, a gap, and two more advanced wall rides. There's a kid-friendly pump track near the parking area. Not recommended for at least 2 days after heavy rain.

Gregory Park Mountain Bike Trails


Mt. Sequoyah Trails: 5 miles. cross-country style trails featuring many rock gardens. Not recommended for riding until at least 2 days after heavy rains. The NE section has many side trails and can be difficult to navigate. Ride the whole loop clockwise.

Mount Sequoyah Woods Mountain Bike Trails


Kessler Mountain Trails: 10.5 miles. Lots of technical riding here! Rock gardens, boulder climbs/drops, bluff edge riding, and beautifully built stone slab berms. Enter the system via Last Call. For the east side I suggest riding UP Trent Trail to access a mostly downhill thrill on Crazy Mary or Chinkapin Oak. All trails on the west side are fun in both directions.

Kessler Mountain bike trails

Lake Fayetteville: 6 miles of soft-surface, beginner-friendly trails. Ride them in either direction. Parking available at Lake Fayetteville Marina, Veterans Park, and Botanical Gardens. The 5 mile paved loop is ideal for a scenic and safe family ride.

Lake Fayetteville Trails